Tuesday, 30 April 2019


I would just like to welcome anyone to this blog and just say hello!

I have blogged before but it was a bit of a mishmash of anything and everything. I am treating that as my learning curve.  My previous blog had no real focus but now I have a plan for this blog.  I am going to write about the true love in my life. Reading.

I am the only person that I personally know that reads as much as I do.  I can easily get through a book, more often two or three, a week and I would love to share what I am reading and get any feedback and recommendations.  It would be nice to interact with people that share the same passion.

I have dabbled with writing myself but it's a hard task and I take my hat off to anyone that can write a good story.  It appears to be a lot easier than it really is.  The problem is I know what I want to write but the words don't come out on the page as they do in my head.  I am not quitting my own writing attempts but quite honestly I think I love reading other people's books more than writing my own.

I hope you enjoy reading my upcoming blog posts.


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