Thursday, 20 June 2019

Finding Lucy by Diana Finley


Every family has its secrets.
None more than this one.

Alison's life has been a lonely one, but now it's time to change that. With no children in her future there is only one answer - she'll take one.

She'dd rescue a girl who needs a better home.  A better mother.  A better life.

It will be the start of a perfect family, and no one will question who Lucy really is. Especially not Lucy herself.

Author: Diana Finley
Publisher: HQ
Publication date: 2018

My Review

Finding Lucy: A suspenseful and moving novel that you won't be able to put downI was really looking forward to reading this book however I just failed to connect with it.  The story line was good but I didn't have any feelings for any of the characters.  They all left me feeling a little cold and I struggled in parts to keep reading as the story instead of moving forward appeared to just keep repeating information that I was already aware of.

Alison is obviously a very troubled woman but  she is also very clever.  She manages to execute the perfect abduction and this goes undetected for twenty years.  She clearly has mental health issues but is this enough to forgive her for the crime that she committed.  I would have liked to have felt more emotionally involved with her but she was so cold and bland as a character.  This was maybe the way that the author wanted to portray her due to the mental health issues but reading it just felt like little wooden.  Even when she is faced with terminal illness I still failed to be moved by her.

With the character of Stacey (or Lucy as she became known) I loved the opening sections of the book.  Her confusion and the true child like actions and speech were clearly shown and I could feel the little girls distress at having been removed from everything and everyone she has ever know.  However, as Lucy grew into an adult and the confusion about her life increases things she is told don't ring true, I really wondered if any teenager would deal with the revelations quite so calmly,

This was an OK read but unfortunately it just wasn't for me.

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