Saturday, 8 June 2019

The Paramedics Daughter by Tara Lyons


Would you lie to your family to protect yourself?

Paramedic Abi Quinn is hailed as a hero by the patients she saves with the London Ambulance Service, bur a secret she's kept since she was a teenager now threatens to shatter that perfect illusion.

When her daughter Rose goes missing while studying at Brighton University, and ghosts
from her past return to haunt her, Abi's caught in a face against time to untangle the web of lies she set in motion over twenty years ago.

Everyone has something to lose.

Everyone is trying to protect themselves.

Everyone is broken.

But what lengths will they go to in order to stop the truth from being exposed.

Author: Tara Lyons
Publisher: Bloodhound Books
Publication date: 1st May 2019

My Review

I was really looking forward to reading this book especially readings all the great reviews however whilst it's not the worst book I have read, it's certainly not the best.

The story started off brilliantly when we were introduced to Abi, the paramedic racing to the scene of a terror attack in London.  This was just up my street and I settled down to get stuck in then I don't know the book just seemed to go a bit flat.

The Paramedic's Daughter : a shocking psychological thrillerAbi's daughter Rose, is a student in nearby Bristol and when Abi is unable to contact her the panic rises as she attempts to track her down.  There is a brief chapter that lets you know that all is not as it seems in Rose's world and she maybe in trouble.  Apart from that we have no idea if she is safe or not until the end of the book. Abi heads to Bristol but doesn't head straight to Rose's flat.  She is side tracked and ends up bumping into her ex-lover and what would turn out to be Abi's estranged father.

The relationship triangle was a little far fetched for me and I couldn't help thinking to myself, that would never happen.  The chances would be off the scale.

I didn't find this a page turner but I did find the character of Abi quite intriguing.  She is a paramedic and therefore everyone assumes that she is a strong person but underneath the uniform she is full of self doubt and worry.  I can't say I overly liked and warmed to any of the characters in the book but it wasn't as bad as some of the worst reviews I've seen have made out.

The ending was a bit of a shock and I certainly didn't see it coming.  I would have liked to have known more about how the other characters lives had changed after the big revelation. Unfortunately I am left making up my own stories in my head for them and nothing was revealed.

I have rated this book 3 stars as it was an OK read but it could have been a little my pacier in places.  I would read more by Tara Lyons as there is definitely potential for the next big page turner.

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